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Personalized wellness solutions designed for:

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Seity Health is your personalized wellness coach.

The wellness industry has exploded,

 but our health is getting worse.

- Obesity rates quadrupled since 1990


- 47% of U.S. now pre-diabetic or diabetic


- 77% are experiencing daily physical symptoms from stress


- 20% on psychiatric medications

Surface level solutions of diet and exercise aren’t enough.


Wellness starts from the inside-out! 

Seity connects people to who they are at their core, then guides people to health at every level.

"Who are you?"
Core Values
"What are you doing?"
"How's it working?"

SEITY's Unique 'Inside-Out' Approach

"Health has a rhythm."



Need a one-time wellness assessment or a complete program?

We have your solution!

Which Seity Solution is Right for Your Group?



Our online whole health assessment empowers people to live from the inside-out for positive change.



Sustainable change begins with a whole health assessment and consistent engagement. Our Daily Check-In, weekly Seity Syncs, monthly Journals,  and awesome monthly incentives move groups towards better health.



Our comprehensive program transforms people and organizations. Implementing a wellness program has never been easier or more effective.



Whether you are caring for employees,  clients, patients, or students, you’ll receive the training and tools you need. We support your expertise in transforming the lives and health of others. 



Turlock Irrigation District 2009-2019


Seity inspires a culture of well-being...


The City of Turlock employees and families reduce medical claim costs by 31% in their first three years of implementing Seity Health.

City of Turlock


Turlock Irrigation District has created a culture of health for more than 10 years using Seity Health’s corporate wellness program.

Turlock Irrigation District

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After several graduate students dropped out due to wellness related issues, the Family Nurse Practitioner program implemented Seity Health to support the well-being of its students.

CSU School of Nursing




Our core philosophy is that health begins by knowing who you are at your Core, or true self, and expressing this in a way that inspires your Spirit, brings clarity to your Mind, energy to your Body, and purpose to your World. Mixing these ingredients in the right way is a roadmap for living well.

Seity Health was founded by a group of physicians that joined together to re-invent healthcare. In 2002, they created Romeo Medical Clinic, a wellness-oriented family and sports medicine practice with a mission of “Caring for People as Family”. They quickly realized that modern medicine’s tools for treating illnesses and injuries were just scratching the surface of what people needed to live their best lives. They looked for whole person solutions and found none that were adequate. This sparked a passion for developing, teaching, and testing their whole person model of health. After helping thousands of people discover ‘who they are’ and ‘how to live out their core values’ in a way that brings health to their ‘Spirit, Mind, Body, and World’, they developed an online platform and mobile applications to make this solution easier to access. Seity Health was incorporated in 2012 to guide people and organizations to finding their best lives’ and health. The word ‘seity’ means an expression of your true self. When people express their true self in a healthy way, everyone wins because health is contagious! 

Sam Romeo, MD

Chief Excitement Officer &

 Dot Connector

Chris Hawley, MD

Chief Wellness Officer, Futurist, & Director of Storytelling

Mike Romeo, MD

President, Seity's 'Roy Disney'

Sam JW Romeo, MD, MBA

Healthcare Strategist,

Wellness Wizzard

Kim Hawley, MS

Health Educator, Wellness Ninja, and People Mover

Leon Ostrowski, MS

Lead Software Engineer, Chief Robot Whisperer & Software Ninjaneer

Keristofer Seryani

Finance, Strategy Guru, &

Numbers Guy

Amanda Pollack

OKR Wrangler &

Organizer of All Things

Gregg Nordin

Director of Awesomeness, Design, Media & Crayon Evangelist

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Copy Editor, Grammar Police, &

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Program Coordinator, Director of

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