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Build your culture, performance, and profits through employee personal growth and well-being.

Every company faces records levels of employee distress today.

Your employee’s well-being is a proven indicator of your company’s performance. According to Gallup, organizations that have made a strategic investment in employee development and personal growth report 11% greater profitability and are twice as likely to retain their employees.

But companies that invest in wellness programs find that it often does not move the needle on their business. The problem lies in the conventional approach: wellness programs that rehash what employees already know, offer personality or strengths tests without any ongoing plan for improvement, and assessments that don’t offer real-time, actionable data to a company’s leadership.


Seity Health solves the problems with existing wellness and assessment programs.


Developed by physicians, psychologists, and Fortune 100 productivity experts, Seity Health delivers a wellness-coaching-system-in-your-pocket for your employees. Our evidence-based system helps your employees discover their Core Values and live them out in every part of their lives, increasing engagement and job performance.


Spot performance problems before they start.


Our daily check-in system allows managers and HR professionals to get real-time insights on the well-being of every employee, allowing preemptive actions to support your people at the moment they need it the most, improving retention and worksite safety while reducing team conflict.


Welcome to your most important dashboard.


You’ve got analytics for your web traffic, your revenue and margins, and even your social media followers. Seity offers analytics on your most valuable asset: your people. By combining assessment, training, coaching, and analytics, our system unlocks the continuous growth potential in every company.

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