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Remove the “distant” in distance learning.

Seity Health supports students, teachers, and administrators when they need it most. 

Social isolation triples the risk for anxiety and depression and that risk persists for nine years after the isolation ends. Educators are tasked with checking in on students’ social and emotional wellbeing. That was hard enough pre-pandemic when Gen Z was already facing the largest anxiety epidemic in history. But gathering meaningful insights into wellbeing on a Zoom call while protecting students’ rights to privacy? That’s an impossible ask. 

The solution lies in whole person wellness. 

Seity Health improves the mental wellbeing of students, their families, teachers, and school system employees. Developed by physicians, psychologists, educators, and Fortune 100 productivity experts, our system delivers a wellness-coaching-system-in-your-pocket for students and employees along with actionable insights for teachers and administrators. 

Seity helps school systems close the gaps of social distanced learning models and provides the tools to support all stakeholders long after the pandemic ends. 


Universal  Seity connects everyone to their Core Values and provides continuous coaching to build healthy lifestyle practices customized to one’s personal values. This produces measurable improvement in social, emotional, and physical wellbeing for students, teachers, and families. 


Supplemental Daily electronic social and emotional wellbeing check ins incentivized by rewarding prizes result in a real-time triage and connection to school professionals for students needing additional support.  


Intensive Seity strengthens and streamlines existing frameworks such as MTSS, PBIS, and CASEL by providing formative wellbeing data and interfacing with your Student Information System and PBIS system for a 360 degree student evaluation. Seity constructs a single dashboard customized with the information your professionals need for intensive support including wellbeing, academic, and behavioral data.  


Integrated Seity’s turnkey solution integrates with existing frameworks such as MTSS, PBIS, CASEL Core Competencies, etc. 

Save time and energy by acting based on insight. 

Seity Health offers rich analytics that integrate with your existing Student Information System, offering teachers and administrators a bird’s-eye view across classrooms, schools, and school systems while also identifying student support needs on an individualized basis. Key results of our data model include: 

  • Daily formative assessment data 

  • Data to inform the support of student groups (foster youth, homeless youth, and socioeconomically disadvantaged youth) 

  • Wellbeing data mapped to California’s Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) to ensure continuity for students who frequently change schools 

  • Data to inform potential actions around various indicators like chronic absenteeism, suspension, graduation rates, college, and career. 

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We support you as you support students.

Seity Health offers a turnkey, customized solution for schools. Our services include self-paced online or in-person training for students, families, teachers, and staff on caring for yourself as a whole person. Our whole person framework is mapped to school and local resources for anyone needing further support. We also provide professional development and coaching for teachers and staff for a variety of teaching contexts. Your data is customized and secure to reflect district/site needs and integration with student information systems. 

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