Remove the “distant” in distance learning.

Research says social isolation triples the risk for anxiety and depression and that this risk persists for nine years after that isolation ends. Educators are tasked with checking in on students’ social and emotional well-being. That was hard enough in person, but gathering meaningful answers to emotional questions on a Zoom call with 30 kids? That’s impossible.

Seity Health solves the problem by automating connection and belonging.

Developed by physicians, psychologists, educators, and Fortune 100 productivity experts, Seity Health delivers a wellness-coaching-system-in-your-pocket for your students and facility alike. Our app offers daily check-ins on well-being.

Our daily check-in system allows administrators and teachers to get real-time insights on the well-being of every student, allowing preemptive actions to support your students and staff at the moment they need it the most, improving well-being and engagement. By connecting our platform to your existing Student Information System (SIS) and Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) platforms, Seity automates check-ins to stratify student risk in real time, allowing faculty and staff to connect students, teachers, and counselors with ease while documenting the entire process for reporting in legislative compliance. Seity takes the complexity out of delivering a Multi-Tiered System of Support to a simplified and unified experience for educators.

Your school. Engaged.

Our evidence-based approach teaches students to discover and live out their unique Core Values in every part of their lives. Teachers love us because our platform provides insights into students’ well-being while also providing resources for classroom instruction. Students love the sense of identity and empowerment they experience. Administrators see increased engagement from students and teachers, improving outcomes across the entire system.

Students are facing record-setting mental health challenges–and that was before the pandemic.

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